roll one, smoke one.

so what we smoke weed, we're just having fun, we don't care who sees.

Serious Chat.
Okay guys. I know I haven't been very active lately but I really need to talk to you.
this is extremely sensitive and im going to put it behind a cut, it's pretty sexual and uncomfortable so if you don't want to read it I understand.

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Wild wind carry me,
to a place I'd rather be,
Wild wind, pure and strong,
sing your siren song.

He's really good at lyin', yeah he'll leave ya in the dust.

So I got my nose pierced and I love it!
It's so shiny I can always see it :D
Still not liking men. ):

Also little Kaiden fell asleep on his momma


I'm on the ledge while you're so god damn polite and composed.

So I was seeing this great country boy, we were lettin' the good times roll, havin fun and then tonight he texts me that he wants to talk to me about something, so I'm like "okay (:"
He proceeds to tell me we're not going anywhere and that he wishes me the best for the future but that we're done.
I rage quit on men.
Lalalalala I'm wasting my time.


Ain't no rest for the wicked.

Hey guys! Just got Internet, I've been traveling and went electronic-less for a while just to get in touch with me!
I missed you all!


I have my god son at the hospital, he's two months old and will not stop screaming. Idk what's wrong.
I'm gonna pull my hair out, my lorddd.
I love this kid, I do.

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this is where I'm at tonight.

I think I'd rather just be alone then to try to love ever again.
okay so lovely adventures and im going to spam you with pics, but first an update!

so, I have so many stories to tell about my trip, but they'll have to wait for tomorrow, but let me start by saying, I am a professional theif.
In the past month me and my best friend have stolen easily over 10,000 worth of merchandise from stores, we've done it all across the country on the vacation I went on, I originally went with a stranger and my best friend had to rescue me because he turned out to be a murderer! [story for another day :P]
my life went from boring to crazy in one single summer!

so first, thoughts on the confession I just made?
I've also done a shit load of drugs this summer.
and now some pics.

here's a pic of my new god son, Kaiden, I came home for a couple days just to see him.


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You can vilify me to a certain degree,
but you can't say that I didn't love you.


Hey, I'm home! What an awesome adventure! Pics and a real update tomorrow but first I have a question.

What are some big things you would each, individually judge an scorn me for?
I have some experiences to share but they're sketchy at best.
I want to know what is something that would cause you to actually not like me.


Cowgirl up!

So I met this guy two days ago,
And now I've agreed to take off halfway across the country with him, just for a road trip, no damn good reason at all.
Fuck it.
It might be considered dangerous and reckless but I'm just crazy enough to do it!
Lets roll.


Um, ouch.

That awkward moment when some dumb bitch drives her stupid SUV right into your small car and gets stuck there.
That was fun.
My back hurts. But then again it always did.

On the bright side, I showered, there's no more glass in my hair and it smells lovely.
I smell lovely.

Prior to that lovely little incident I spent the day in sweltering heat, in a beautifully cool, refreshing lake.
And now I'm back at mommas basking in her air conditioned house.



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